Vilma Jurkute – Alserkal

Vilma Jurkute



Vilma Jurkute has spent the last decade developing creative industries across New York, Chicago, London and Dubai. She joined Alserkal in 2011 and in her time with the organisation, she has been instrumental in its evolution and responsible for overseeing Alserkal Avenue’s physical expansion in 2015 as well as the inauguration of Concrete in 2017. Vilma has been the driving force behind Alserkal’s non-profit activities in the arts, which were formalised under Alserkal Arts Foundation in 2019, affirming the organisation’s commitment to the development of arts and culture in the region. She has been a vocal supporter of growing a creative economy, and a strong advocate for its importance in social development and identity within the MENASA region. Vilma serves on the advisory boards of the Global Cultural Districts Network and the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation. She is currently pursuing an Executive MSc in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford, UK.