Every year Dubai hosts a conference on the business of luxury, the arab luxury world. The aim of the two-day conference is to bring together professionals of the luxury industry under one roof. With more than 50 sessions, 80 panelists and 600 participants spanning two days, arab luxury world’s mission is to encourage conversation: to allow people to openly exchange, interact and learn from each other. The next edition of arab luxury world will take place on May 22-23, 2017 in Dubai, UAE. This year, the arab luxury world conference is launching a global writing competition, seeking papers on the future of luxury written by students from around the world.



The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming of all aspects of the luxury industry; from the creation to the distribution, all aspects of the chain are being impacted. The 2017 conference looks into this impact. We invite students from Europe, Middle East, Asia, and America to share their views of what the future of luxury looks like, focusing on the business of luxury, design, and fashion.

Students entering the competition can choose any one of the following topics:

• Future of the business of luxury

• Future of design

• Future of fashion



The papers once submitted will be evaluated by a jury of professors and industry experts. Five (5) chosen finalists will be flown to Dubai along with one faculty member from the selected school to participate in the final round of the competition. The final round will take place on May 22. Each of the finalists will present his/her research to the jury. The winner will be announced on May 23. Travel and accommodation costs for the student and professor will be taken care by the conference organizers.



Completed manuscripts including the Abstract and About the Author must be received by 12:00pm local time in Dubai on Thursday, March 30, 2017. The manuscript must be sent by email to the below addresses.

Only Five (5) Students are allowed to participate per school. Students may submit only one manuscript for consideration and it has to be an individual entry, not a group. The Five (5) finalists will present their findings to the panel on May 22 in Dubai. The format for the final evaluation will be in PowerPoint using the modified PechaKucha format (no more than 30 slides for no more than 30 seconds each), followed by questions from the panel.



• Subject: The Future of Luxury (Business, Design, or Fashion)

• Manuscript Deadline: On or before Thursday, March 30, 2017

• Content: 2,000 (minimum) – 10,000 (maximum) words, with moderate use of subheadings

• References: 1-2 pages: single-spaced entries

• 2 (maximum) tables, figures, or graphs in black and white

• Style: 6th version APA modified format in 11pt Garamond single-spaced

• The paper must be written in the English language and in the third person

• Picture: Professional head shot with permission to reprint (size: jpg and at least 300dpi pixel)

• Documents must be provided in MSWord, Excel, etc., and not in pdf format

• By submitting a paper, the writer agrees to its publication by the arab luxury world conference, and its use and distribution to media, participants, and other relevant parties.

• Students could also submit a visual trend board (A3) digital



The writer is expected to develop ideas and suggestions on the subject, backed by properly formatted citations and references of peer-reviewed journals, published books, current media, and other primary sources. The goal is to establish yourself as a thought leader in this field, where your writing describes and justifies your conclusions. Tell your reader WHY your paper is needed and HOW it answers the subject. Do not simply copy and paste from references. The goal is connecting with your reader. Writing shall be original and devoid of plagiarism. Students are encouraged to consult,, or other resources for help in drafting a professional paper.



Students should focus on The Future of the Business of Luxury; The Future of Design; or The Future of Fashion. Because the 2017 arab luxury world will focus on the future of luxury, the papers will serve as an adjunct to the discussions and debates over the two-day conference.

Abstract: The writer will provide a well-written 250-word summary of the full paper.

About the Author: The writer will provide a short, 200-word background of themselves.



The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates who earned their degrees in 2015 or after. Students should hold degrees in or be studying Management, Marketing, Design, or Fashion.