June 12, 2019 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

“Diversity”, “inclusion” and “empowerment” are buzz words that have been doing the rounds not only in the luxury retail sphere but also around the region. Governments have taken a number of initiatives to back these notions, and companies are quickly moving from ideation to incorporation as well. Yet, how much of an impact has this had on the region and on premium luxury businesses?

– How important is it for brands to associate or be part of this movement toward inclusiveness and diversity?

– What growth – in business revenue and in organization culture – has been brought about by diversity or inclusiveness?

– What message is the luxury retail industry sending out by being open to diversity, inclusiveness, and empowerment? What impact does this have on the region’s economy?

– Key figures have been credited around the world for driving change and breaking prejudices on various fronts. Who do each of you look up to in terms of changing perceptions toward “diversity”, “inclusion” and “empowerment”?