June 12, 2019 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
David Balfour – Lightblue
Karine Trioullier – TIDA BISA Developing people
Mehdi Rajan – IWC Schaffhausen
Régis Dupertuis – The Luxury Hive
Zeina El Dana – Z7 Communications

One of the challenges facing the premium luxury sector globally and within the MENA region is the lack of specific talent and skills sets to meet the demands of increasingly innovative companies. What can the premium luxury industry do to build and attract the right talent in order to stay ahead of the curve?

• How are luxury brands incorporating and implementing the process of continuous education?

• What specific programs, initiatives are being undertaken to upskill and invest in employees?

• Has the time come to move away from the linear model of education, work and retirement to create a more flexible environment where employees can take a break to upskill, and then return to organizations?

• Do HR departments and Department Heads need to focus more people with apprenticeship/internship and skills training rather than traditional degrees?

• What are the new specialized roles premium luxury is looking at hiring?

• How often do we need to update education models and syllabus to better inform the coming generation?